I thank God every day for the life HE has given me as well as the responsibilities that go along with it.

     youth & family outrEACH

One Chance Leadership is a collaboration with recording artist Marcus Anthony Guinn (Emcee One) to provide a unique message through music and advocacy.  Whether its youth retreats, schools, conferences, community events, or comedy and hip-hop show cases; our team is committed to conducting a positive and energetic setting. Our goal is to provide quality facilitation for your youth, staff, & families of your community.

6             2017 national unity conference                                  Denver, co

9-13        national tribal child support association          buffalo, ny

14           comanche Nation Housing Authority retreat      sulphur, ok

15           crow creek royal river comedy show                    flandreau, sd

18           MHA Nation employee fun day                                       new town, nd

25-26      choctaw nation of oklahoma youth retreat       durant, ok

27-28      navajo housing authority                                             phoenix, az   


The 20 TOPS tour shirts

Purchase the latest product of the 20Tops line.  The collaboration between GRP FLY and Chance has been a success as they team up to promote suicide prevention, domestic violence awareness, and mentoring.  You can visit the store be clicking below or find him out and about.


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