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The 20 TOPS tour shirts

Purchase the latest product of the 20Tops line.  The collaboration between GRP FLY and Chance has been a success as they team up to promote suicide prevention, domestic violence awareness, and mentoring.  You can visit the store be clicking below or find him out and about.


I thank God every day for the life HE has given me as well as the responsibilities that go along with it.

     youth & family outrEACH

One Chance Leadership is a collaboration with recording artist Marcus Anthony Guinn (Emcee One) to provide a unique message through music and advocacy.  Whether its youth retreats, schools, conferences, community events, or comedy and hip-hop show cases; our team is committed to conducting a positive and energetic setting. Our goal is to provide quality facilitation for your youth, staff, & families of your community.


Staff Development

Event Facilitator

Motivational Speaker

Play by Play Announcer

Events MC & Facilitator

Young Adult Leadership



Radio Host