‚ÄčT.J Rush is the rock and backbone in the Rush household.  Away from the home she is a "from the heart" speaker and gives a mothering approach in her teachings and trainings.  As a business owner and experience in early childhood development Tyler promotes the importance of having balance in the home.  She has made it a point to team up with her husband Chance to introduce GENERATIONS CREATED to bring some exciting new workshops to Indian Country!  As Native professionals and parents of seven children, they bring a unique perspective and experience of Native family life to share through positive energy and a cool sense of humor. They promote fitness and wellness and encourage a holistic perspective in efforts to be a strong minded individual in making healthy choices and daily decisions.  They give you the honest truth of what it takes spiritually to build a fun and healthy relationship.  Family and community is the foundation of our culture and they have an expertise in making it all work while teaching their children to aim high.  Your staff, community, or organization will enjoy their stories and teachings through various topics and trainings.        





Introduction of T.J. Rush